Pre-made Graphics

  • Full payment must be made at time of purchase in order to secure the design.
  • Upon receipt of payment, I will be in touch to discuss the information and files I need, to complete your graphic.
  • Once your payment has been confirmed, a “one off” design will no longer be available to anyone else. However please be aware that any of the embellishments/textures/layout styles/etc used in the graphic’s design may be reused by me in future design combinations.
  • Premade graphics are sold ‘as is’ except of course for the placeholder text and photo spaces which I will replace with your own text and photos.
  • An additional hourly fee will apply (at the rate of $40 per hour, with a quarter hour minimum) if:
    • you require any other aspect of the design to be modified (changing background, detailing, font type, layout)
    • any photo/s supplied by you require editing (beyond cropping) to suit the graphic (ie, background colour, touch ups)
    • you would like the design adjusted to fit a website banner/slider or additional social media platform