Create a children’s dinosaur garden!

A long time ago, with the help of our then-puppy, Bree scooped out a ‘dino pit’ directly at the base of the back steps. It was perfect for use as a dinosaur waterhole and, better yet, trapping anyone who forgot to mind their step when venturing out the back door. But from that wee Dor the Unsuspecting Visitor, an idea for a fully fledged dinosaur garden was born…

Until one day, having grown tired of watching visitors fall into the trap, I picked up the spade, marked out a circle (or thereabouts) in the grass, and began to dig.… Read More

The last of Autumn’s fall

There’s a window of time – before the grey haze settles like an unwelcome weight against one’s chest- when Winter is beautiful. When it’s not yet cold enough to merit 15 layers of thermal underwear. When the early morning frosts are more novelty than nuisance. When the skeletal structure of trees becomes the latest source of design inspiration.… Read More