children on a rampage

The kids had a friend over today and they spent much of it busy playing and ignoring me completely (except for when I was required to mop tears or wipe mud from feet). Initially, I had this plan to spend my day “getting stuff done”, but short of having the assistance of Rumpelstiltskin, it is pointless – POINTLESS – to try and get anything done when there is not two by three little whirlwinds in the house. A play date gives children the perfect excuse to trash the house in ways they’d never think to do on their own.

children on a rampage

An adaptation of the laundry tornado

Scenario 1 – the muchkins, bored despite a house full of toys.
The Lily Bug: “Hey, should we tip out every single toy box we own, and toilet paper the walls?”
Guy Smiley: “Monster trucks!”
The Lily Bug: *tips out one box. Is bored by lack of accomplice, gives up.*

Scenario 2 – the munchkins + friend, bored despite a house full of toys.
The Lily Bug: “Hey, should we pull the toy boxes out from the wardrobe, scatter the contents all over the bed and then bounce on them until we hear cheap plastic snap beneath our feet?”
The Friend: “Yeah! Then we can take half of them outside and dig a hole and bury them – along with as much stuff from the cutlery draw that we can carry!”
The Lily Bug: “Yeah!”
*Cue wanton destruction*

It usually takes a few weeks to locate the last missing monster truck, and I’m still missing teaspoons. No doubt the lawn mower will find those…

Don’t get me wrong. I love it when the kids can busy themselves all day by dreaming up creative new ways to use toys as stepping stones in order to cross the great lake of lava that is the entire floor surface of the house! I just wish it didn’t mean having to spend the next week approaching very short people and offering my first born if they’ll help tidy up the aftermath. :/