Hi, my name’s Kelly.

I create boutique custom graphics for websites and Facebook pages. My linchpin is the small range of pre-made graphics for sale on my site, which I occasionally add to when the inspiration strikes.
Check out my blog to read rambly stuff about irrelevant things! Yay.

Latest posts

Scrapbook Showcase: Radiant

It was four hours in the making, but this was the page that made me understand the truth in the old adage, “it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters.”     My youngest daughter was three when she took the photos used … Read More

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Like all technology, website design is ever-updating. The way in which websites are constructed today is quite different to how they were constructed back when I coded – in Notepad – my first Dark Angel fansite. Likewise, search engine crawlers are frequently changing their algorithm. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour. But if they’re not? Maybe these tips might help…… Read More

Latest Website: Garden Fairy Creations

Garden Fairy Creations is a New Zealand ecommerce store that supplies miniature fairy garden ornaments and kitset fairy gardens. I had so much fun putting together this website in the weeks leading up to Christmas. My client (who is, by the … Read More