Square Promo Graphics

Social Media Promographic “Strawberry & Lime”

$25.00 $12.50

This square design is suitable for Instagram, Facebook, or any website banner that requires a… Square. The design will be supplied with your choice of text in your choice of font, or blank if you just wanna DIY it.

If you’d like further edits to replace text/photos on this graphic (ie to advertise promos in the future), a half-hourly fee will apply.


Please note the following:

  • This social media promo graphic is a limited design, available to the first 5 buyers only. Please contact me if you prefer a unique one-off design, to which an hourly fee will apply.
  • The text and product images upon this graphic are sample content only. Your promographic will be updated with your choice of text and product images upon payment of your order.
  • If you would like the colours on this graphic changed to match your branding/preferences, an additional fee will apply.