Do you create custom designs?

Yes I can create custom designs. Just get in touch via the contact form and let me know what you have in mind for your design.

Do you charge a fixed rate for custom designs?

As every site is different, I don’t believe it’s practical to charge a flat fee for any particular ‘website package’. I charge an hourly fee and I can give you an estimate only once I’ve considered your requirements. If you request extra revisions or additional functionality that requires 3rd party purchases such as Premium plugins, this will probably exceed the original quote.

Do I own all of the elements used in a premade design?

No. I have been working on building up a repository of my own elements (be they trees, rockets, flourishes, etc) and I pull these from the repository (or create them on the spot and add them into the repository) to create a new arrangement. While the overall arrangement of the graphic will be a one-off design, any premade elements used within it will remain a part of my reusable repository.

If I like a premade Facebook cover but would like it customised for my website/etsy/etc, can you do this for me?

Yes. I keep a copy of all of my designs as layered psd files so can rearrange them to suit a different graphic size if required. Most elements are created as vector files so I can also resize them if need be for print purposes (ie, market banner.) Please note there will be a small fee for rearranging designs.

How do we do this? What’s the process involved?

We’ll discuss your website requirements, from the look and style of your site to the kind of functionality you require. Do you want to provide information about your services and provide a quote/contact form? Integrate your site with your social media? Sell products? Display your photography? Offer a way for clients to book photography sessions online? Have a blog? We’ll discuss the colour scheme and whether you require custom graphics for website and/or facebook. Armed with this info, I’ll give you an estimate.

How much will a website cost?

I will give you an estimate based on the length of time I feel it will likely take to set your site up and, if applicable, the 3rd party cost of the theme & plugins required. Bear in mind this figure is an estimate only, as I work on an hourly rate. The total bill will depend on factors such as how many revisions additional content you may require.

What if I have a set budget that I can’t go over?

I’m happy to advise you of what will and won’t work within your budget, and can keep you up to date with how much your site development is costing so you can be aware of where everything is at.

How will we correspond with each other during this process?

I live in Auckland and while I am able to meet up locally to discuss the creation of your site, I can just as easily glean the information I need via email. Therefore it doesn’t particularly matter if you live in AK, Clutha or another part of the world.

Do you take international clients?

Absolutely. As long as we can correspond via the internet, it doesn’t matter if you live in New Zealand or Antarctica. I can accept online bank transfers for local (NZ) payments, or credit card payments for overseas clients.

What material do I need to provide for the site?

If you have your own logo, graphics, photos that you’d like on the site, you need to provide these. Also any copy (written content) you’d like on the site. ie, the write up for your ‘about’ page or ‘services’ information, etc.

How long will it take for my website to be ready?

If you have a particular deadline we will discuss this beforehand. I will work to meet a given deadline, but the timeframe can vary depending on your requirements, how prompt our communications are, and whether you request changes to the site’s development along the way.

Do you provide hosting or domain name registration?

I don’t provide these personally, however I can set this up on your behalf, or advise you on how to register your domain name and assist you in finding a good webhosting company that meets your needs. It’s not a scary process – I promise!

Upon completion, are there ongoing costs involved with running a site?

The only compulsory ongoing cost is the yearly fee you must pay for your domain name registration, and your yearly webhosting fee.

If you would like me to provide ongoing maintenance in the form of running site back ups and running critical Plugin/Theme/Wordpress version updates, I charge a small yearly fee for this.

If you would like me to add content to your site, such as adding or updating pages, images, product pages etc, an update fee will apply (I charge in 15 minute blocks for content updates.)

Will you update my site content for me?

Sure thing. If you’d like me to make general content updates to your site on your behalf, an hourly fee will apply with a minimum 15 minute charge.

Can I update my website myself?

Absolutely. Your website will be powered by WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS) that enables you to update your own content without knowing code. You will be able to log in to your website with your unique username and password, and create new posts/pages or update existing content.

By default I enable your account with access to make changes to the content of any existing webpages, create new pages, add/edit your gallery (if applicable) and view webstats. However if you require full administrative access (enabling you to run script updates for your plugins/CMS or change some aspects of your theme design), this is under the undertanding that will you take full responsibility for any changes you make in this area.

Will you teach me how to update my site content?

Absolutely. I can talk you through how to update your site, and point you in the direction of WordPress tutorials. And of course I’m happy to help you out if you get stuck.

Can I enable my staff to update the site?

Yes, new users can be added to the datebase in order to manage the site. You can choose what level of security clearance they are given for updating website content.

Do I need to install software onto my computer in order to update my site?

Not at all. The admin section where you make your updates is a part of your website (accessed only with username/password). You can update your site on any computer or device providing you have an internet connection.