I leave my desk for five minutes and come back to this?





These two like to hang around my work space, offering advice while I’m testing out website layouts. I have an inkling that they’re trying to get me to take them on as paid staff. Good luck kitties – I’m not getting paid either at the moment!

Besides, Little Guy’s (that’s the one in the background. Aptly named because he’s little. And a guy.) idea of advice is to sit on my keyboard and drool into my coffee cup. Not sure what he’s trying to tell me (quit, perhaps?) but it’s not particularly helpful.

And that vocal little beastie in the front (Mogwai aka Moggie) is just waiting for me to take my seat so she can sit on my lap and shed fur all over my clothing. The problem with tortoiseshells, by the way, is that it doesn’t matter what colour you wear – nothing is safe from their fur. The ginger & white shows up on black clothing, the black shows up on everything else. *sigh* Can’t win.