All has been quiet on the IMD front lately, though for good reason. Although I’m sure the chirping crickets and tumbleweeds have sorely missed my ramblings.

I’m currently working on a website for a local artist who has exhibited throughout New Zealand with her thought-provoking work (hint: Her latest project involves collecting blankets for needy children. Ring a bell yet?)

And in the quiet moments that tend to exist between waiting upon site feedback or new content to upload, I’ve been working on vector-based portrait art. This is an area I haven’t dabbled in greatly before, particularly in terms of detail work such as shadows & highlights. So you’ll have to excuse my efforts. I’m figuring this out as I go along…


vector art

My eldest daughter turned twenty this week. Of course, my seven year old took one look at this and claimed “you’ve made her look OLD!” So I guess that’s an indication that I have to work some more on under-eye lines and the likes..

vector art

vector art

This was for a friend who also celebrated her birthday this week. I’m not exactly sure where I was going with that choice in eye colour. And I can only hope she overlooked what I did to her eyebrows as much as I evidently did.


And my current work in progress? Well that seven year old who complained the lines on her big sister’s vector drawing made her look too old is soon going to have something else to complain about. Her own eye bags!


vector art work in progress

I’m currently working on her hair, but here’s a sneak peek.


Well, in my defense, the eye-bags are real… See now this is why I keep telling her she needs an earlier bedtime.


I’d like to say I’m going to finish this lil personal side-project but… Ooh Hey! Here’s a sneak peek of Donna’s website!

donna's site

Phew. That was a crafty subject change.