La-Aura is an e-commerce website made for the wonderful Harmony, of Pahiatua, through which she sells her beautiful macrame creations and other handmade items.

Please note: Some of the screenshots used in this portfolio were taken when the site was still under construction, hence why some shop products have the title of ‘test product’ beneath them! La-Aura is currently on hiatus while Harmony makes the transition from NZ to her new home in Australia, and I forgot to grab new home page screenshots before putting the site on hold for her!


Project Description

Harmony was after a website through which she could sell her beautiful macrame creations, and was looking for natural, earthy tones that would be peaceful for her site visitors while complimenting her product photography. The end result of a neutral palette with rose-gold hues gave the website that calming vibe she was after, and a classy, modern style.


The palette! I love the colours of this website.


The theme-builder I normally use was not able to provide the flexibility I wanted for this website build, therefore I bought a new one which allowed for much more creativity of the overall design. Unfortunately, this did mean a lot of trial and error in learning how to use the unfamiliar theme builder (which was not included in the invoice of course!) as well as a lot of time coming across buggy bits of coding which needed ironing out along the way. (I still didn’t get the layout looking exactly as I would have liked it, but in the end it simply needed to be finished and launched.)