Mushchief the Goblin

Mushchief the Goblin was created as part of my ongoing work for Garden Fairy Creations;  a New Zealand ecommerce store that supplies miniature fairy garden ornaments and kitset fairy gardens.


Project Description

There are a few things I love about doing the website, photography, social media &graphic design work for Garden Fairy Creations. One, fairy gardens! They’re so much fun.
Two, I’m trusted with a fairly free rein to come up with all sorts of fun ways to help promote the business. From the witty (I hope!) descriptions I write for the products, to the social media promotion material that I generate.  One such social media promo was the creation of ‘Mushchief’ the Goblin.

In the beginning, this lil dude didn’t have a name. He was just a goblin I drew to advertise an upcoming product one day, when I had misplaced my camera memory card and needed something new to post to the GFC facebook page to keep it active while I hunted through every draw, nook and cranny.

A few weeks later, I found myself drawing said goblin, crouched amidst a clump of mushrooms in effort to disguise himself as one. n idea started to brew in my head, to feature this guy as a kind of ongoing comic – popping up every now and then to cause mischief in the fairy garden realm. But goblin guy needed a name. A competition was born, and after followers of the page spent a week suggesting their ideas, the kids and I settled on Mushchief as the perfect moniker.

As with the mushrooms for The Garden Fairies’ NZFGS entry, it was fun to use a mix of hand-drawn illustration and Photoshop for this creation. I’m looking forward to seeing what Muschief is going to get up to at Christmas…

Project Date:

2018 – Ongoing