Fairy Forest: A 2018 NZFGS Entry

Fairy Forest is a garden exhibition entered into the 2018 NZ Flower & Garden Show by Kelly, of West Auckland based garden care company, The Garden Fairies. (Kelly won a bronze for her gorgeous peepshow style fairy garden btw – yay!)

Website: thegardenfairies.co.nz

Project Description

When I first doodled a picture of a blue mushroom and put it through Photoshop to digitalise and colour it, I didn’t really have any particular purpose for it. It was just a good excuse to play with my favourite Photoshop watercolour brushes. But when Kelly of The Garden Fairies approached me to create the flyers and signage for her entry into the 2018 NZ Flower & Garden Show, my cluster of blue mushrooms soon wound up with a purpose!

It turned out these blue mushrooms (aka Entoloma hochstetteri) were, in fact, to be one of the features of her exhibition. Alongside delicately winged fairies, and a forest of NZ native plants!

I also put together the social media graphics for a related competition held by Garden Fairy Creations/The Garden Fairies’ facebook pages.

Sidenote: Photos of the posters will be up by the end of the weekend – I’m heading off to the NZFGS tomorrow! 🙂


Unless I’m sketching out a rough concept, my drawings are rarely put down on paper; instead, they’re usually created with the pen tool in Photoshop to produce a vector image that can be rescaled to any size. Thus it was definitely a highlight to use hand-drawn illustration in this project.


As I’m not accustomed to designing for print, creating a flyer and – particularly – a couple of 75x50cm posters was a challenge for me. But it was a great experience, and everything printed out well, much to my eternal relief! (And despite the MASSIVE pdf files the poor printer guy had to deal with when the posters were sent through…)