Mall Zombies (Archived Post)

It is inevitable that in the next three weeks, I will find myself trapped in a unbearably long checkout line with my six rolls of gift wrap, shopping basket of 'stocking stuffers' and a box set of American Chopper for the Lad that no staff member will be able to find the discs for. Someone will begin to cry. It will probably be me.
November 28, 2019/by The Mighty Thor

Scrapbook Showcase: Radiant

April 8, 2018/by The Mighty Thor

Unpopular opinion: TV & computer games CAN enrich your children

Almost all of Indie's interests have been generated initially from a movie or computer game, but they have all managed to tap into other areas of expression and interest for him. They've resonated with him in a way nothing else has, and enriched so many other aspects of creativity.
July 23, 2017/by The Mighty Thor

Create a children’s dinosaur garden!

A long time ago, with the help of our then-puppy, Bree scooped out a ‘dino pit’ directly at the base of the back steps. It was perfect for use as a dinosaur waterhole and, better yet, trapping anyone who forgot to mind their step when venturing out the back door. And from that idea, a garden was formed..,
June 24, 2016/by The Mighty Thor

Roadside weeds and rusting things

There's inspiration to be found in the everyday. There's beauty in the mundane. This is West Auckland street photography - urban rural style. And a shot at some exercise. If I'm lucky.
April 25, 2016/by The Mighty Thor

Freebies for a Cause: Project Semicolon

I'm not normally a fan of jumping on social media bandwagons (unless it involves Whittakers chocolate), but this is a cause worth freebie-ing for...
July 27, 2015/by The Mighty Thor

Vector art: The eye-bags are real!

All has been quiet on the IMD front lately, though for good reason.…
July 1, 2015/by The Mighty Thor

The last of Autumn’s fall

There's a window of time - before the grey haze settles like an unwelcome weight against one's chest- when Winter is beautiful. When it's not yet cold enough to merit 15 layers of thermal underwear. When the early morning frosts are more novelty than nuisance. When the skeletal structure of trees becomes the latest source of design inspiration.
June 9, 2015/by The Mighty Thor

Don’t sweat the cute stuff

The majority of my graphic design work has, thus far, erred on the side of cute and whimsical. I enjoy creating these graphics - not because "cute" is my personal style, but because it's not.
June 4, 2015/by The Mighty Thor

The final days of Autumn

As well as a great opportunity to dust off the DSLR and photograph the kids chasing each other amid the last of the autumn, today's park outing provided an inspiration for some random fun with Photoshop.
May 31, 2015/by The Mighty Thor

Design inspiration?

Opening Photoshop and mucking around with various brushes and overlay effects until I finally scrape together something half-way presentable is akin to a monkey smacking away at the keys of a typewriter until it eventually flukes a proper word or two, isn't it?
May 19, 2015/by The Mighty Thor

Entry with Audio

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May 11, 2015/by The Mighty Thor
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