Hi, I’m Kelly, and I’m 100% mum, 60% gardener, 20% hobby photographer, 10% equally graphic designer/website designer, and 200% bad at math. I guess the gist of it is, when I’m not tackling triffids in someone’s garden, or being Mum, I create boutique custom graphics for websites and Facebook pages and dabble in photography.

Graphic Design

My design focus is on creating social media graphic sets aimed towards small boutique businesses who would like to keep their social media pages updated with promos and branding style that is unique to them.

As being a freelance graphic designer is a sideline job for me (gardener by day – designer by… night?) I try to simplify life for myself by creating ‘premade graphics’ which then become available for sale through my online store. Their bespoke nature means 90% of the graphic is made ahead of time, leaving just a few elements that I can quickly finish off with the client’s text/photographs/logo.

As no two designs are the same, this enables the buyer to have a custom-designed look without having to fork out for the custom-designed price. And I get time for my day job, and my family. Win-win!

Website design

I don’t often take on website design jobs due to time constraints in 190% other parts of my life, but when I do, I throw myself into it in with every fragment of spare time I can glean. WordPress is the CMS (Content Management System) I work with, and Woocommerce is the extension I use for ecommerce websites.


I’m a hobby photographer, which generally involves hauling my DSLR with me on every family outing in effort to take beautiful photos of my kids that no one else but my family care to see, and landscape/street photography shots that I sometimes dream to sell but generally wind up lost and forgotten in the bowels of my memory card. But, occasionally I’m commissioned to do product photography for a website, and you can see some examples of said photography in my Portfolio page.

premade facebook timeline set for sale nz
whenuapai west harbour photography