This isn't graphic design, but it is a horse.
Selfie :p

This is going to be a really short blurb…

Hi, I’m Kelly, and I create custom graphics for websites and Facebook pages. My focus is on creating social media graphic sets aimed towards small boutique businesses who would like to keep their social media pages updated with promographics and branding that can look unique to them.

As freelance graphic design is side line job for me (gardener by day – graphic designer by… night?), I tend to create graphics whenever the whim hits rather than out of necessity because someone has commissioned me to do so. These designs are available for sale through my online store as ‘premade graphics’. Their bespoke nature means 90% of the graphic is made ahead of time, and certain elements can be customised as per client request. (ie, adding text and client product photos to the assigned spaces, changing colours if applicable.)

As no finished design is exactly the same, and each premade graphic is sold as an exclusive one-off, this enables the buyer to have a custom designed look without having to fork out for the custom designed price. And I get time for my day job. 😉